Happy new year

If you let me say even if it’s kind of late to say this.. happy new year to you all 😉

Me and as well as my family decided to move to other city since my husband got a new job at a very good company compared to the old one and this new company is located in the hell of no where..

Well, we know no one from that city but we are young, we can handle adventures!

So since my half had already quit his old job he had some time off until he starts working for the new job and I am also in my winter vacation, so why not taking a trip?  Hehe..

We went to Jeju Island!!

These are some pics..


My first son at the raw fish restaurant


Beautiful scenary from our hotel Villa de Aewol


My boys at the hotel room


Meeting up with the gigantic teddy bear


Meeting up with dolphin at Aqua Planet


My first son is driving a car to get a driver’s license. . Yes, for kids 😉


My loves…

Well, I took tons and tons of pics with my camera but not so many with my mobile phone thou…

Then today my hubby was telling me he needs to go shop before he starts working for this new job. He said he needs couple of cardigan-he never is a  thick-heavy-puffer-guy.

So I automatically casted on stitches for his cardi. I have tried to knit him somethinf but never worked. Maybe because he got this picky taste in clothings, maybe I chose wrong yarn that he doesn’t really like, or maybe when I first met him he told me that he never wears a knitted items. He said they make him look old… but I guess he wouldn’t mind extra black cardigan that he can wear sometimes…

I’ll post up some pictures later on when I achieve some progress.

Happy knitting to you all ♡


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