What a weather-



It’s so good to be back to work, nice start.


Nice to see my students running on the ground without sweating a lot. I love to have this chilly wind when I open windows.

This morning, I pulled up this nice maroon color cardigan on top of my nearly sleevess blouse and it feels sooooo good.


I have this beautiful mustardy-yellow color lams wool yarn- maybe 10 balls of them.


I’m thinking of making a cardigan out of this since I’m not a big fan of pullover (I can’t stand the wooly heat once I get into the fully heater operated building.).

But, I’m not too sure what sort of cardigan to knit with.

I always like something with shawl collar. So here are the choices that I can make a choice from.

IMG_8601_small_best_fit DSC_7400sm_small_best_fit 3263713105_621e38ec78_m 2214190647_2d111ce24a_m 1-2_small_best_fit

(from the top left to the the right











I wish there was somebody to knit with at work or near me. It’s always good to knit with somebody, we can share so many things together. I used to have a co-worker who loves to knit and quilt maybe two years ago. She was very new to knitting and she was an amazing quilter. Since I got into the this elementary school we knew that we can share interests immediately when we first met. Maybe we can just sort of do wireless KAL to knit a cardigan for this fall/winter.


Ha, everyone out there! What do you have on your needle?



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