How nice the color of the yarn is!


I am currently making a hat for my son.
Koolhaas is the pattern that I’m following.

I and my husband decided to do some exercise. Since I gave a birth to my second son I haven’t had anytime to exercise (I seriously loved exercising but I don’t have any motivation yet).

So there we go! There are things that I want to be done!

1. Finish the UFOs before I buy more yarn!

2. Exercise and get motivated!

3. Show and tell more love to my family!

4. Read more and use better English!

5. Wait a while before buy stuff, think one more time if I need it.

6. Knit the best people nice present, let me start with my mum-in-law.

Hopefully I follow my list and keep them close all the time. 😉

I would like to take nice pictures tomorrow with my kids, if so you will be able to see them on my blog here.


Quick shot of my second son 😉


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