Who is working on a project on a lovely day like today?

Yeah, I am so jealous of you spending whatever thing you want to do.

Here I have no option to do-


It is my first son sleeping right next to me, and


It is my second son sleeping another side of me!

Yeah that is right. I was sleeping in between.

I couldn’t do anything because they can’t have a nap without me.

So I was browsing few knitting blogs with my galaxy and really wanted to knit something, even a small thing.

What project are you working on out there?


Hello everyone out there!

It is so thrilling to start a new blog.
This blog will be mainly composed of my knitting project and simply talking about my normal days 🙂
I’m currently working in a primary school as an English teacher here in Korea, and I have two sons, one is 33 months old and the other one is 10 months old.
Hope to write some actual knitting posting later on next time!
Happy knitting everyone!


Here is the picture of myself and my second son in the diner.