Can’t help my self!

So guess what? Few days ago I purchased some more yarns(of course) from WEBS and asked about drawing beagle for me.

And…. Tadah!!!


I got the box yesterday!!


Loot at the drawing! How talented and fabulous worker employed!  I looooooove the job you made! 😉

Now I am, currently working on a cardigan and the pattern is from old book translated from japan pattern.

I really like the yarn from luna grey fiber yarn and the color is dreamy!



I am done with the back and one sleeve. I’m attempting to finish one more sleeve within today!

Wish me luck ♡


Laura’s Loop: Garter Ear Flap Hat – The Purl Bee – Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

I love thw hat! Gotta make it!

Happy new year

If you let me say even if it’s kind of late to say this.. happy new year to you all 😉

Me and as well as my family decided to move to other city since my husband got a new job at a very good company compared to the old one and this new company is located in the hell of no where..

Well, we know no one from that city but we are young, we can handle adventures!

So since my half had already quit his old job he had some time off until he starts working for the new job and I am also in my winter vacation, so why not taking a trip?  Hehe..

We went to Jeju Island!!

These are some pics..


My first son at the raw fish restaurant


Beautiful scenary from our hotel Villa de Aewol


My boys at the hotel room


Meeting up with the gigantic teddy bear


Meeting up with dolphin at Aqua Planet


My first son is driving a car to get a driver’s license. . Yes, for kids 😉


My loves…

Well, I took tons and tons of pics with my camera but not so many with my mobile phone thou…

Then today my hubby was telling me he needs to go shop before he starts working for this new job. He said he needs couple of cardigan-he never is a  thick-heavy-puffer-guy.

So I automatically casted on stitches for his cardi. I have tried to knit him somethinf but never worked. Maybe because he got this picky taste in clothings, maybe I chose wrong yarn that he doesn’t really like, or maybe when I first met him he told me that he never wears a knitted items. He said they make him look old… but I guess he wouldn’t mind extra black cardigan that he can wear sometimes…

I’ll post up some pictures later on when I achieve some progress.

Happy knitting to you all ♡

What a weather-



It’s so good to be back to work, nice start.


Nice to see my students running on the ground without sweating a lot. I love to have this chilly wind when I open windows.

This morning, I pulled up this nice maroon color cardigan on top of my nearly sleevess blouse and it feels sooooo good.


I have this beautiful mustardy-yellow color lams wool yarn- maybe 10 balls of them.


I’m thinking of making a cardigan out of this since I’m not a big fan of pullover (I can’t stand the wooly heat once I get into the fully heater operated building.).

But, I’m not too sure what sort of cardigan to knit with.

I always like something with shawl collar. So here are the choices that I can make a choice from.

IMG_8601_small_best_fit DSC_7400sm_small_best_fit 3263713105_621e38ec78_m 2214190647_2d111ce24a_m 1-2_small_best_fit

(from the top left to the the right



I wish there was somebody to knit with at work or near me. It’s always good to knit with somebody, we can share so many things together. I used to have a co-worker who loves to knit and quilt maybe two years ago. She was very new to knitting and she was an amazing quilter. Since I got into the this elementary school we knew that we can share interests immediately when we first met. Maybe we can just sort of do wireless KAL to knit a cardigan for this fall/winter.


Ha, everyone out there! What do you have on your needle?


How nice the color of the yarn is!


I am currently making a hat for my son.
Koolhaas is the pattern that I’m following.

I and my husband decided to do some exercise. Since I gave a birth to my second son I haven’t had anytime to exercise (I seriously loved exercising but I don’t have any motivation yet).

So there we go! There are things that I want to be done!

1. Finish the UFOs before I buy more yarn!

2. Exercise and get motivated!

3. Show and tell more love to my family!

4. Read more and use better English!

5. Wait a while before buy stuff, think one more time if I need it.

6. Knit the best people nice present, let me start with my mum-in-law.

Hopefully I follow my list and keep them close all the time. 😉

I would like to take nice pictures tomorrow with my kids, if so you will be able to see them on my blog here.


Quick shot of my second son 😉

Who is working on a project on a lovely day like today?

Yeah, I am so jealous of you spending whatever thing you want to do.

Here I have no option to do-


It is my first son sleeping right next to me, and


It is my second son sleeping another side of me!

Yeah that is right. I was sleeping in between.

I couldn’t do anything because they can’t have a nap without me.

So I was browsing few knitting blogs with my galaxy and really wanted to knit something, even a small thing.

What project are you working on out there?

Hello everyone out there!

It is so thrilling to start a new blog.
This blog will be mainly composed of my knitting project and simply talking about my normal days 🙂
I’m currently working in a primary school as an English teacher here in Korea, and I have two sons, one is 33 months old and the other one is 10 months old.
Hope to write some actual knitting posting later on next time!
Happy knitting everyone!


Here is the picture of myself and my second son in the diner.